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Awesome AZ Alumni.

Why Arizona?

Perks aside, the best thing about Arizona is the available room to grow. We’re a young state (the third youngest in our nation) and not until the 1950s did Phoenix truly begin to blossom.

We are establishing ourselves as a place not only for great weather, but for diverse culture, exceptional education, and competitive careers. There’s never been a better time for young people to make an impact.

And really, a place is only as good as the people who live there. So come to Arizona for any of the awesome reasons we listed above, but stay for the community.

Join us and share what you love about Arizona with #whyaz.


WhyAZ’s mission is to share why it’s awesome to live and work in Arizona. We showcase the natural beauty, diverse climate, and vibrant lifestyle we love. Our ultimate goal is to encourage excited, positive people to choose Arizona as a place to grow roots and to contribute to our community.

We encourage contribution to the site via an open source codebase, hosted on GitHub, and solicitation of feedback via a contact form.

WhyAZ is not beholden to any third party and will not feature advertisements, sponsored content, or discriminatory content.

Just bring the #whyaz love.